Finally, a place for my thoughts.

This isn’t my first blog (believe it or not). I’ve started at least three or four before, but have never followed through. I’ve been creating a lot of content lately — both for clients and for myself — and I’ve realized that I don’t have a place to share them online or even talk about them online outside of social media. So here’s another attempt to start a blog where I can collect my thoughts and have something a bit more formal to look back on (yes, selfishly for myself) but to also share with anyone who feels like tuning in.

The name ‘curious teej’ comes from me always letting my curiosity get the best of me. I live to learn and it seems as though I like to learn the hard way. I only take on projects that seem interesting to me — even if I don’t know anything about it — and taking it one step at a time has lead me here. I believe all life is a learning process, and once we run out of things to learn, or experience, then perhaps life might not be worth living at all.

So here’s (an imagined glass of champagne) to my first post on my not-so-first blog. Cheers y’all & stay tuned!